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Let’s Take a Walk, Dave
    Some people live extraordinary lives. They have a gift, or a talent that they hone, polish and become a craftsman at. If they become good enough, their talent can take them all over the world. It can also be said of those whose talent is to work with animals–sometimes especially those who work with animals, as it was with David Becker. This is his story.
    David Becker is the 2015 Hall of Fame award winner for a lifetime achievement in the American Saddlebred industry. David personally trained over 200  Saddlebred horse winners in almost every category. His list of achievements include everything from category winners to overall winners. David has had World Runners Up twice, Grand Championships and Horse of the Year.
His list of horse’s names and prestigious farms he has worked for is as long as your arm. Becker comes with clout.
    Between the Saddlebred industry and David’s evangelistic ministry, he has been all around the world to 48 nations, 148 times. He has visited with presidents, kings and heads of state. Let’s Take a Walk, Dave spans almost 70 years, starting with his birth in a covered wagon on a sheep ranch, to his calling to work with horses and evangelism to 20 of the 48 countries he has been to. Many times David’s travels put him square into the middle of history-making moments.
    Mrs. Deborah Aubrey-Peyron, the author of this book, states she had “countless hours” of research into the historical context and background for many of his trips. Mrs. Peyron felt accuracy was to be of highest importance in the re-telling of David’s travels. She also said that even though this was the hardest book assignment she had been given to do so far, it was also the most enjoyable and intriguing adventure she has ever been on.
    Let’s Take a Walk, Dave is a small glimpse of how Dave Becker merged the two worlds of horse training and Christian evangelism together.
    Mrs. Peyron is also the author of the Miraculous Interventions book series, the children’s book Christmas Chaos! (and coloring book), An Old Man’s Christmas (written for the children of the 1950s and 60’s that are now in their 50’s and 60’s), and My Faith Journey, Miracles I Have Experienced, the Dennis Murphy story. He is a Roman Catholic Eucharistic minister that is also a visionary. When the Eucharist is held up, he sees actual visions from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
    Mrs. Peyron will be having a booksigning at Karen’s Book Barn, 127 E. Main St., in LaGrange, KY on Friday, January 15th from 5pm until 8pm.
Everyone is invited. All of Mrs. Peyron’s books will be on hand.